Unicorn Party for One Unique Little Girl

Do you happen to know a unique kid who you are unicorn and rainbows over? I sure do and that’s why I loved planning this fun unicorn party! Not to mention there are unicorns at every store right now! They are the hot thing, so of course it’s easy to find cute little unicorn party decorations.

Since my little lady turned three, I opted for a party in the later afternoon so that everyone could rest before the fun began. It also ended before dinner so we opted for the fun treats and snacks. Okay so truthfully they may have overdosed on sugar and were sent home without an appetite but hey, it’s a birthday party!

Fancy Finger Food

As tempting as it may be to make a large pan of mac’n’cheese and dye it all rainbow colored I tried to opt for a little less food dye. Instead I went for a rainbow fruit tray and a rainbow veggie tray…which I did need to dye the cauliflower purple.

Fruit Tray:

-Red: Strawberries -Orange: Oranges -Yellow: Pineapple

-Green: Green Grapes -Blue: Blueberries (not pictured in ours)

-Purple: Purple Grapes -Clouds: Cool-Whip

Veggie Tray:

-Red: Cherry Tomatoes -Orange: Carrots -Yellow: Yellow Peppers

-Green: Broccoli -Purple: *Dyed Cauliflower -Clouds: Ranch Dip

* To dye the cauliflower, just put it in a large zip-lock bag with a bunch of purple food coloring and a little water and allow it to sit for awhile.

Unicorn Horns:

Be prepared for a flashback to the 90’s when you bring out the Bugles for “unique” crunchy unicorn party treat!

Fruity Pebble Rainbow Bars

The other day as I was sweeping up the million little piece of fruity pebbles that had escaped their morning breakfast bowl it dawned on me…Rice Krispie treat Fruity Pebbles and then no more left over for cereal! That’s a double win! They are colorful, delicious, and super simple to make. Just follow the directions for Rice Krispies and just switch the cereal up!

Fruit Water

Extra fruit from the rainbow tray? Not a problem, just add it to the water to make it tasty and colorful!

Unicorn Cake

As many of you who have read about our other parties know, my mom makes all the cakes for the girls! It is tradition and according to the birthday girl this was her favorite thing of the whole day! We opted for fresh flowers for the unicorn mane. It was colorful yet a much simpler way of decorating. These daisies were pre-colored at Walmart but you could also grab white daisies and put the stems in food coloring and water to color the tips yourself.

Be sure to check out the other cakes in these great parties!

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Dreamy Unicorn Party Decorations

Of all the parties that I’ve done for the girls, I think these unicorn party decorations were my absolute favorite!

Castle Fit for a Princess:

My good friend ordered this cute little pop-up princess tent as a birthday present for Em. It made for a perfect castle for the birthday princess and her friends to hide out in.

I made a rainbow balloon walkway leading up to the tent by poking golf tees through the bottom of the balloon tie. Push the tee into the ground and there you have it!

Rainbow Arch:
Notice my oldest wearing all the Target rainbow gear we could find. This will be reused for Halloween as well since we are carrying on the unicorn and rainbow theme!

The end of summer season meant pool noodles were on clearance! I found one in every color and taped them all together at the ends. Then I taped them over the back of two kids’ folding chairs. (If you wanted the arch to be up higher you could use adult chairs, you would just need to make the clouds bigger.) I then tied white balloons on the chair for clouds. The kids had so much fun running through the arch!

Clouds and Rainbow Streamers:

The girls had a blast helping create these sparkly clouds! I cut out a cloud shape from a sheet of tag board. Then if you watched my Instagram Story you saw the girls roll glue along the edges and sprinkle it with ALL the glitter (my husband’s favorite craft supply…). Attach streamers in every color below the clouds and you have the perfect backdrop.

Paper Plate Unicorns:

The verdict is still out on whether this looks like a unicorn or a pig but the girls had fun so that’s all that matters. We made these “unicorns” to decorate with for the party. For older kids it could be part of the activities you do during the party.

All you need is:

  • Paper plate
  • hole puncher
  • yarn
  • pink, white, and yellow construction paper
  • googley eyes
  • markers

First, punch out about 8 holes at the top of the paper plate. Cut out a pink nose, two white ears, and a unicorn horn from the construction paper. Glue them to the paper plate. Then glue two googley eyes on the paper plate. Cut out a different color yarn pieces about 8 inches long each. It doesn’t have to be exact. The kids can string the yarn through the hole and tie it on the plate for the mane. Then they can add anything they would like to make it their own with the markers.

Unique Unicorn Party Outfit:
Target dollar section has the cute gold number balloons! Stock up when you see them because they go fast!

Thank goodness for Target! They have the cutest unicorn leggings and unicorn t-shirts which worked perfect for this birthday party! The unicorn headband I ordered on-line. It’s super cute and very reasonable!





Lucky for me I could find some for the baby and myself (from the kids’ department) as well! I tend to have to get into the festive theme of the party as much as possible if I can.



I wasn’t the only awesome person who got into the unicorn party theme!

Games Galore:

I’m a sucker for themed games so of course I had a blast making these games for the party!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn:
Just like the typical “pin the tail on the donkey” just with a unicorn and horns instead!







Rainbow Parachute

I was shockingly surprised with how much fun the kids had with the parachute. I picked it up for fifty cents this summer at a thrift sale! A steal! We counted in different languages as we jumped and threw our arms up in the air. A few kids helped throw ball pit balls on the parachute and together we giggled as they popped up in the air. I was only slightly sadden that it wasn’t big enough for us to play “sharks” or to create a bubble that we sit on with our bottoms.

Prize Punch

This game was a little more time consuming to create but the kids LOVED it! I got two pieces of heavy duty (foam like) board from the Dollar Store. I traced a circle smaller than the size of the red solo cups. Using an xacto knife I cut out the circles. Then I taped a square piece of tissue paper (every color of the rainbow of course) over the back of each circle. After that, place a prize in a red solo cup and hot glue the rim of the cup down on the back side of each circle. (A word to the wise, if you are using suckers tape them down so that the stick doesn’t poke into a child’s hand when they punch.) Once it is complete the kids can take turns punching through the tissue paper holes to discover their treasure!

Toss the Ring on the Unicorn Horn

Play ring toss using rainbow colored cones from the Dollar Store and heavy duty twine rings.

Build a Unicorn Horn


  • Waffle cones
  • white frosting with the sprinkle tops
  • Twizzler Pull and Peel
  • Plastic knives
My one year old literally did dig in!

The kids dug in to this craft! I placed a cone on each plate and put one container of frosting and sprinkles out for every few kids. Using the plastic knives, they spread the frosting over the cone. Then they sprinkled it with sprinkles and wrapped it with Twizzlers! And best of all they could eat it when they were finished!

Tattoo Station
A pack of colorful Melissa and Doug Tattoos, a bowl of water, and a rag created hours of fun! Everyone at the party got tattoos from big sis!
But be forewarned, they might end up EVERYWHERE!









Party Favor

Unicorn Slime


The night before, the girls had a blast unicorn slime for all their friends.


Mix the glue, glitter, and baking soda together. Slowly add the contact solution so that you can adjust the amount to make sure you don’t add too much! Continue to mix until the slime forms. Knead it with your hands. If you want it to be stretchier add a little water! Pop it in the containers and have you the birthday child hand them out as they thank their guests for coming to the party!


There you have it! One fun unicorn party for one unique little girl!


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