Traveling With 3 Small Children is Possible

Traveling with three young kids is possible. We are living proof. Here are a few helpful tips for flying with little ones.


  1. Do some fun projects to learn about an airplane before you go. Talk about the rules on a plane, pretend you are on a plane, and just get them learning and prepared for the adventure. We did a bunch of fun “A is for Airplane” activities before we went. Check them out on pinterest under Parenting the Principal or on instagram

(I had a lot of questions on the puzzle that we used. You can find a similar one here.)


2. Travel with a bag of fun smaller toys. Pack this about a week before you go and show the kids what is in the bag ahead of time. My kids were dying to play with the “Texas toys” but knew they had to wait till we traveled. This helped keep the toys engaging and exciting the whole trip. My bag consisted of:






  • A tin full of Minnie Mouse characters and their outfits for imaginative play and all of her Disney friends.
  • Triangle crayons that won’t roll off the plane tray table, paper, and a coloring book.
  • 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury full of great stories to read! One book with many stories is a win for traveling!
  • Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting: Wiki sticks are great because you can bend them into many different creations. They aren’t sticky or messy and are easy for kids of all ages to use.
  • Opposite puzzle cards: These are just cute puzzle pieces that match up like up and down or straight and curly. I found these at the target dollar spot as well and the girls have really enjoyed doing them.
  • Quiz it Kindergarten Pen and Eric Carle Quiz It books: I found these are our local thrift store and the kids love them! It’s full of age appropriate questions and they have to touch the correct answer with the pen. If they are right it lights up.
  • Felt house book: I found this cute book at Target in the dollar spot. It has cute little felt people and outfits. You can unfold the book and it has multiple rooms for them to pretend with.
  • Baby toys for the littlest traveler.


3. Always keep lots of snacks on hand! Full tummies always help to keep travelers happy! You never know when hunger will strike!

4. Befriend the flight attendant. Ours named herself the “Mary Poppins of Delta” and she was AMAZING. She even taught us the “Delta Shake” a.k.a. a bag of pretzels for the littlest travel to shake. And showed the older two how they can spin an ice cube in a cup and mystify the baby. You never know what you might need on an airplane so having a flight attendant on hand that you can trust is super helpful!

5. Keep gum for the older ones to chew to avoid ear pain with the pressure change. If your littles are too young for gum, try Starbursts.

6. They make straps to go on your suitcase so you can strap the car seat right to the roll-away suitcase and roll the child right through the airport that way. You can also rig it up yourself using a metal ring and seat hooks from the car seat. Take the top car seat hook and slide it under the handle of your luggage and take the side car seat hooks around the sides of your luggage. They will all meet in the back where you can clip it to a metal ring found a most hardware stores. (However, my practical husband actually found ratchet straps to be the most user friendly and did the same thing!) The kids love riding in their car seats strapped to the luggage. We tested it out around the house before we left!

Here is the link for the one they sell on Amazon. Car Seat Luggage Strap

7. Bring a stroller! It comes in handy both at the airport and when you are on vacation. It can be gate checked so you will have it up until you get on the plane and they will have it ready and waiting for you when the plane lands!

8.Pack the kids clothes in big zip-lock bags labeled with the day they are going to wear it and the child’s name. This makes it super easy for anyone to help get the littles dressed. They just grab the bag and everything they need for the day is in the bag.

Have faith in yourself and your kiddos! You will do great! Relax and know that your children feed off of your energy so when you are stressed the kiddos respond to that! You got this! Travel safe!


Got any other good travel tips? Leave them in the comments for us!


11 thoughts on “Traveling With 3 Small Children is Possible”

    1. Thank you! The zip lock tip really did work out smoothly for all the other people to know what kid needed to wear what!

  1. Our favorite tools for traveling with our two boys are the Gogo Babyz It is worth every penny, trust me. We also have kindles that we load with educational games and shows. This is our secret weapon when the toys are played out. We try to hold off as long as possible so that they aren’t in front of a screen the whole time, but they sure do come in handy;)

    1. Awesome!! I’ll be checking that out! Thanks for sharing! I too try to hold off on screen time to the very end as a last resort! Technology can be great but there is so much around them I want them to see and experience!

  2. GREAT tips! Pinned these for later this summer when we’ll be traveling with our 4 and 3 year olds and our 6 month old. We’re already prepping them 😉

    1. Thanks!! You sound very similar to our family! It will be great but it is a lot of work too! 🙂

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