The Principal’s Kid Isn’t Perfect

The Principal’s Kid Isn’t Perfect:

Chances are if you are reading this first post you either are a family member, work with us, know us, or stumbled upon this blog through a friend of a friend of a friend. Whatever the reason, we are so grateful that you have any interest in what we are sharing. So, who are we?

We are a family of five Wisconsinites braving the cold winters and perfect summers, living under one roof of a small three bedroom home, enjoying life’s challenges, opportunities, failures, and successes one diaper at a time.

TFullSizeRenderhe Parents:
Dan– Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Dan completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in middle and high school science education. Once there, he met Ashley, his future wife and truly best friend. The following five years brought on a marriage, a new house, three little girls, the completion of a master’s degree, the start of a doctoral degree, and a career as the principal of the Altoona Middle School.

Ashley– After completing a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in mathematics, Ashley began teaching second grade for six years. Motivated by her growing family, her next adventure would be staying home with the girls. During the school year she adds one more little into the mix as she watches another teacher’s child.

Through our education background we have seen a variety of parenting styles and the fruits of their labor (no pun intended). Dan’s perspective focuses on his experiences as a school leader, husband, father, and the general lens of a guy. Ashley’s perspective hones in on her years as an elementary teacher, #totschool enthusiast, wife, mother, and lens
of a woman.

The Kiddos:
Three unique, amazing, and might we say beautiful, little girls (twenty months between each…) that spurred on the writings of this blog as we navigate parenthood.

What’s with the title, ‘ParentiFullSizeRender (1)ng the Principal’?
When Ashley and Dan started having children it was no secret that Dan did not have the natural gift that Ashley had when it came to raising young girls. As an educator, his specialization is in middle/high school-aged students, not early childhood education. Needless to say, Ashley has been the leader in raising our girls to be well rounded. Otherwise if it were up to Dan, life would consist of wrestling on the floor, playing outside, and watching the occasional movie. As our oldest would say, “Mom you should go rest so Dad and I can watch a movie.” Much of this blog focuses on Dan’s transformation as a parent and Ashley’s overall parenting philosophy. All in all, we hope to share our own growth and ideas while also learning from all of you!

To the moms out there (Ashley’s perspective):
I will be blogging from my perspective as a mother of three young children, a former elementary teacher, a stay at home mom, a children’s literature lover, an avid #totschool enthusiast, a daughter, sister, and friend. I will be discussing my experiences as I transition from the teaching world to staying home with our littles, my love for anything educational (toys, books, projects, etc.), the humorous antics of life with three kids under age of four, and the occasional ramblings that may help keep me sane as we navigate this crazy yet utterly beautiful life! It is my hope to build a community to grow with and share ideas. That through this community we can learn that we are not alone in the day-to-day struggle and we can together share tips and ideas to help improve ourselves and our relationships with our children.

 To the dads ouFullSizeRender (2)t there (Dan’s perspective):
Throughout this blog I will be writing from my perspective as a father of three young children, a school leader, a former MS/HS teacher, a son, brother, and friend. I will discuss my experiences learning how to adapt to life with children, while my friends (who do not have kids) continue to live their adult lives. I will write about the challenges of a newborn, staying sane, simply ways to relax, and supporting my wife through the semi-controversial breastfeeding stage of life. Other posts will include my challenges in “girl-stuff”. As a father of three girls I had to learn how to play like a girl, talk with the girls, tie a pony-tail (I may have watched a YouTube tutorial), and watch Disney princess movies all while retaining what was left of my man-card. Future writings will also include stories about how my wife and I came to agreements through disagreements about raising our kids and the many mistakes we have made, after all, even the principal’s kid isn’t perfect and neither is the principal. I will also discuss some not-so-humorous but very important items like, saving for college, positive self-image for girls, parenting from the perspective of a principal, time management, and going to graduate school while being a new dad. My goal is to share my limited experience and to learn from all of you who have similar experiences or good advice to improve my role as a husband and father.

Thank You!
We welcome your comments and ideas for future blogs, feel free to subscribe or connect with us via social media (Instagram: @parentingtheprincipal or Facebook or  Twitter: @DanPeggs). We are truly humbled that you took some time out of your day to read our ramblings, thank you! Cheers to you all! #ParentingThePrincipal

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