14 Ways I Challenge You to Love Your Children

Love. A four letter word with such impact and weight. A word that shapes and molds these little humans into well-rounded citizens so that they can go out into this world and show love to all those around them. Just stop and think for a moment how much love impacts a child. As stated in the education.com article, “…nature’s partner is nurture, the environmental conditions that influence development. Children’s experiences in the environment affect all aspects of their being, from the health of their bodies to the curiosity of their minds. Nurture affects children’s development through multiple channels: physically through nutrition, activity, and stress; intellectually through informal experiences and formal instruction; and socially through adult role models and peer relationships. With good environmental support, children thrive.”

I will warn you that the next 14 things are NOT for the faint of heart. They are not easy. They are items that I personally work on each day. Fourteen points that I want to be mindful of as I raise my children.


Show Your Children Love by…

Loving Their Father/Vital People in your Child’s Life

Children learn through modeling. They soak in their environment and what they see becomes their expectations for the future. Showing children how to humbly love one another is critical. Let them see you be vulnerable. Show them that it is okay to say you are sorry and to acknowledge your mistakes. Let them see that love is mutually respecting one another. That affection and touch are done in a loving way only when it is comfortable for both people. Have them help you in planning random acts of kindness as you invest in those that you love. Model to them how the needs of those you love are at the forefront of your brain as you model treating others the way that you want to be treated.

And you may be saying… “but you don’t walk in my shoes”. That is completely true. I will never walk in your shoes or know what it is like but I do know that much of these issues are adult problems. They are not things that children need to see or hear. I know that we do not live in a perfect world where all families are one cohesive unit but I do know that even if you are not with the father of your child, the words you choose when you speak of their father will affect them. That age-old saying, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” holds so much weight when it comes to this topic. The people that your children love hold such a valuable place in their hearts. It will only hurt your child and your relationship if your angst gets the better of you. Take the higher road.

Loving You

So much of what they see in themselves, they have learned from you. As you poke at your “fat” in the mirror or comment about the ugly shape of your nose, they see it all. They learn that those are the things that we do. We pick at ourselves and critique our “flaws”. They watch as our eyes dart to another woman near us as we size her up and down and compare her to ourselves. Let us work together to lift each other up instead of compare one another. Help us to see the beauty in our “flaws” or at the very least not pick at them or express them in front of our children. My hope is that that inner voice that degrades myself will not be passed on to my children. I do not want them to hear those voices like I do but instead, I want them to hear my voice lifting them up and cheering them on.

Loving their Beauty

With that being said, love everything about the way your child looks. They are a part of you and they are beautiful. No matter the size or the shape, they are beautiful. You are their number one cheerleader in life. A comment, although meant with the best of intentions can be detrimental. I think of the amazing show “This Is Us”. My mind immediately goes to Kate who her whole life has suffered from an addiction to food. It had been a focus for her and a topic which comments that were made carried over to her adult life. Although no one meant the comment in a vicious manner, it still stung.

Help them to see that they do not need the make-up, hair dye, or fancy clothes to make them beautiful. Who they naturally hold so much beauty.

Loving Who They Are on the Inside

Every night before my babies go to bed I whisper into their ear, “The most important thing is to have a kind heart.” I try to be very conscious of how much they hear compliments about their clothing or accessories or beauty. I try to counter this with compliments on things that make them beautiful on the inside. It is important for them to see the beauty and value in who they are as a person.

Loving Learning

Being lifelong learners is something that we all should strive to be. Show them that you are always learning. Let them know that you make mistakes and that you seek out ways to learn and grow from them. There is so much out there to learn and grow from. Let them find the joy in mastering a new craft or the satisfaction of solving a problem that has puzzled you for some time.

Loving Books

One of the best gifts you can give your child is the gift of literature. Read to them. Show them the word that they can experience as they get lost between the pages of a good book. Let them see you pour over books. Help them see the value of words and how they can empower them. We may be raising children for jobs that do not even exist yet but one thing is certain, a rich language will be pertinent no matter the career.

Loving their Independence

The clock is ticking, you are late and your child insists on tying their own shoe. Your patience is tried as you let them fumble and try again and again. It is hard. I know. But that perseverance is so pertinent. The independence and strength they show is a trait that will help them go far in life.

Loving their Failures

They will fail. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Love them for the mistakes they make no matter how hard that can be. Let them know that no matter what mistakes they make they will always be loved by you.

Loving their Curiosity

A child’s eyes see this big world with such freshness that is inspiring to all that is around them. Foster this sense of curiosity and soak it up yourself. Get excited when they ask all the questions…who, what, when, where, WHY? Research with them. Learn and grow together and let them know that it is good to question the world around them.

Loving the Time Spent Together

Making time for each child can be so critical. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Think about the memories that you want to leave your children with. How do you want them to remember you? Love your child with everything you have. Each day is a blessing and we must make the most of it. Say yes more often and live in the moment.

Loving the Little Moments

If you read my post about my biggest fear you will know my need to hold these little moments close. We hear all the time how fast this time goes. Sometimes when you are in the middle of it all, when the days are long and the fits seem endless it is hard to remember that this time is so fleeting. But even just looking back on the few years, you realize that it is so true. You do not realize at the time that it is your last time carrying your baby down to bed or the last time you will spoon feed them. Looking back you will realize that moment is gone and all that is left are the memories that you have soaked up.

Loving their Educators

My youngest started preschool this year. I took a long time reflecting on her school endeavors and allowing myself to let go. I even wrote a letter to her new teacher in which I poured my heart out as I handed my baby to them. Educators play such an important role in the life of our children. They spend so many hours with our babies. Teachers love our children and so it is important for our children to hear us talk highly of their teachers. If there is a discrepancy with something that has happened at school, make sure that it is discussed in private in a very neutral manner. We want them to hold their educators to the highest regards and not have their views tainted by our options or thoughts.

Loving their Quirks

These little things that make your child them may at time challenge you. Find the beauty in the uniqueness that makes them who they are. After all, they are partially made up of you…maybe upon reflection their little quirks are a little familiar. 😉

Loving their Dreams

Believe in their dreams and let them know that you will support them. If they want to be astronauts, take them to a space museum and find all the books in the library about being an astronaut. If they want to be an artist or basketball player, find classes to hone in on their skills. Be their cheerleader and their number one support.

LOVE YOUR CHILDREN WITH ALL YOUR HEART. It’s not always an easy job but it is the most important one!

Check out all the other great posts in the series on LOVE at  http://www.mamiworks.com/ and https://badasamother.com/! It has been my pleasure to collaborate with them.

Memorable Christmas Games

When my first was born, I decided I wanted my family to have more traditions. I thought these traditions were something that made your family unique and gave you lasting memories. One of the first things I started was a Christmas PJ party with my whole family which included PJs of course, lots of delicious food, festive drinks, and my favorite part…CHRISTMAS GAMES!

It is because of these Christmas games, my Christmas memories are filled with laughter and excitement.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love having memories of your grandpa trying to wiggle a cookie down his face while he makes ridiculous faces or of your competitive grandma swinging a string and puffball in her mouth feverishly trying to get it to stick to her vaseline covered nose?

I’m a huge advocate of games and how they build bonds between family members. I even have a whole blog dedicated to over 30 educational family games! So many of my best memories of my family involve playing games together.

In an attempt to liven up your holidays and get everyone off the couch and creating memories, I’m going to share with you some of our all-time favorite Christmas games.

Antler Ring Toss


Currently, at Kohls, they have this adorable game! You blow up the antlers and rings. Tie the antlers to your head and enjoy all the ridiculousness of this awesome game! You can play that the person with the antlers has to stand still or that they are working together as a team and have them move to help you snag the antlers.

Kahoot Christmas Edition

Kahoot is an amazing game to get everyone using their devices in a constructive way. Everyone will get a code to join your game. You can use the ready-made Christmas questions and add your own for a personal touch. We tried to come up with questions in reference to our past Christmases. More technology savvy people took a seat next to those that weren’t as versed in technology. You may want to request people to bring their tablets, i-pads, laptops, etc. so that everyone has access to a device. Then everyone races against the clock to answer the trivia questions fastest. If you have ever been to Buffalo Wild Wings, it is set up very similar to their trivia game.

Jingle Bell Toss

If you have ever been to a college party and played beer pong, then you will be an expert at this game. Set up your red solo cups in a Christmas tree pattern (4,3,2,1…as shown above) and do the same for your opponent a few feet away. Using bells, try to throw them into the cups. When they land in a cup, remove that cup. Continue this pattern until all of the cups have been removed. The first one to get rid of all the cups is the winner. Head over to Playground Parkbench for a clever and easy way to construct this game to use over and over again.

Snowball Fight

Target Dollar Spot has these adorable Santa slingshots that make for the perfect Christmas game. They also have tubes filled with soft “snowballs”. Purchase a few of these and let the games begin! We also used the slingshots to try to catch the snowballs in Santa hats as well for another element to the game.

Snowman Knock Down

Decorate white cups to look like snowmen. Grab ball pit balls to see if you can knock down all the snowmen in a minute.

Toilet Paper Snowmen

Gather a roll of toilet paper, a hat, scarf, and carrot (or any other snowman materials you may have in your house). Each partner pair will need one of each of the items. Agree upon a time (1 or 2 minutes is recommended) and see who can make their partner into the best snowman.

Mitten Mayhem

Give each player a set of gloves and a Hersey kiss. See who can unwrap their chocolate the fastest while wearing their gloves.

Christmas Pictionary with a Twist

I found this twist on the traditional game of Pictionary over at Happy Home Fairy and loved everything about it! Head over to their blog for step-by-step directions.

Red Hot Pinchers

A tray of Red Hots candy (also known as cinnamon imperials)  and tweezers can add a fun element to this race against the clock game. Try to see how many red hots you can pick up and put into a cup before a minute is up. My eighteen month old wanted to join in so we gave her a plastic spoon and she was able to compete as well.

Snowball Shake

Take an empty Kleenex box and tear out the plastic that is in the center. Secure the back of the Kleenex box to a large string. Fill the box with ping-pong balls and tie it around the player’s waist. See how many ping-pong balls they can shake out in a minutes time. Whoever can shake out the most is the winner.

Rudolf Nose Stick

Each player gets a string with a cotton ball hot glued to the end of it and a dab of vaseline on their nose. Without using their hands they must swing the cotton ball up and get it to stick to their nose. The first person to complete the task is the winner. Caution…this can get wild!

Christmas Bingo

Pinterest is filled with fun Christmas bingo games such as this one from The Girl Creative Blog. We used Christmas M&Ms to mark our gameboards but I’ve also seen Christmas Hersey kisses used. The pictures make it a game that gets even the youngest players involved!

Christmas Charades

Put together a bunch of traditional Christmas words on pieces of paper. Have a person draw a word or phrase out of the tin and act it out without talking. The person who guesses is the next person to act.

Naughty Elf Noodle Race

Grab a box of penne noodles and a box of spaghetti noodles. Using only a spaghetti noodle in their mouth, the players must put as many penne noodles on their spaghetti noodle as possible in a minute.

Naughty or Nice

Everyone had a few good laughs from this game. We let the youngest players decide after each player read what they drew if what they said was naughty or nice. We went around a few times and found out who was the naughtiest and who was the nicest! Of course, we had to take a picture of the naughty people and the nice people.

Grab a copy of the printable from The Crafty Blog Stalker or create your own for a little twist. (They put the paper in punch through cups, however, we just put ours in a bag and drew them out for simplicity sake.)

Marshmallow Snowman Stacking

See how many marshmallows everyone can stack in a minute. The person who stacks the most marshmallows on top of each other is the winner.

Snowball Wreath Toss

Take down the wreath on your door and use that for this game. See who can throw the most snowballs (either marshmallows or the Target snowballs from the previous game) through the wreath in a minute.

Christmas Tree Cup Stacking

Race against the clock and your opponent to see who can stack the most cups in a pyramid or Christmas tree shape in a minute.

Reindeer Nose Race

Gather cotton balls, the jingle bells from your other games, and one red puffball into a container on one end of the room. Gather each team on the other side of the room with a plastic spoon and an empty container at their feet. Give them a minute to race back and forth and gather as many “noses” as possible without dropping them.

Cotton Balls = 1 point

Jingle Bells = 2 points

Red Puff Ball = 5 points

Whoever has the most points in a minute is the winner.

Christmas Cookie Face

It is finally time to dig into those delicious Christmas cookies! Each player puts one on their forehead as they tip their heads back. The players must get the cookie to their mouth to eat it using only their facial muscles. Whoever can successfully complete the task first is the winner!

I’m all for simplifying life.

I have a special bin filled with all the materials (minus the perishables of course), costumes, and photo props that we use for our Christmas PJ party. This makes it quick and easy to set up each year.

I challenge you to go create memories this Christmas! And while you are at it, check out these great memory making Christmas gift ideas for kids!


Four years of amazing memories…

and still going strong…

Mommy Dates: One-On-One Time with Your Child

With a million Mom jobs and life that rushes full speed ahead, making that one-on-one time for your children can be a challenge. You blink and your baby is starting school, the years seem to melt together and at the end of the day, you lay awake wondering if you connected with your children enough. Did their eyelids sink closed in peaceful slumber knowing they are special and loved by you? Or with all three clamoring for your attention, did you find a way to give each of them what they deserve? Making special time for each child strengthens your relationship with that child, helps you learn new things about them and see them in a different light, and allows them to know that they special to you. That is why we try to create a monthly Mommy Date for each child.

What is a Mommy Date?

A Mommy Date is exactly that…a date with just you and Mom! Special time together where you can do things that you enjoy to fill their memory bank with moments. It doesn’t need to be big or elaborate, expensive or lavish. It just needs to be focused and purposeful one-on-one time with that child. The time where all of life’s distractions (including your phone) are put aside and your undivided attention is on that one child.

Why is a Mommy Date so important?

Everyone needs to know that they are important. Your child is no exception. In this busy world where the internet is at your fingertips connecting you to friends, social media, and work your child is now not only competing for your attention with their siblings but with technology as well. With all distractions aside, your child will know that they are more important than any of those other things.

Your child will open up to you and share things with you that you otherwise might not know. It will feel like a safe space to share their worries, celebrate their successes, and discuss their challenges. Children will flourish in this setting and you may see them in a whole different light. My best example of this is when I take my middle baby girl on her Mommy Dates. She is normally my strong-willed child. She has learned to “fight” her way into this world, continually competing with a big sister and a baby sister. When it is just her and I, she is the sweetest little soul. Things that would normally erupt in temper tantrums or outburst are simply shrugged off. She models the behaviors and the word choices that some days I feel like I’m a broken record reminding her to do.

Ideas for Mommy Dates:

  • Go to the park.
  • Visit the library and snuggle up with a bunch of books.
  • Jump into your Mommy/Daughter matching DREAMLAND COMPANY LUXE cotton nightgown and snuggle up to a movie. Of course, don’t forget the popcorn!!! Plus, when you are cozy in your nightgowns, you can tell your little girl that they were sewn by women in a female-owned factory in the USA. It’s always important to discuss strong females in the world and this is the perfect opportunity! And I can honestly say that my daughter looked super cute in her little red nightgown and was glowing with pride because she matched her mommy.  There is a DEAL FOR MOMS if you use the code ‘ihelpmoms’ you get $5 off!
Us in our matching DREAMLAND nightgowns on our most recent Mommy Date!
  • Take a walk together.
  • Try out a class. Maybe you will both find you have a hidden talent for pottery.
  • Visit a museum.
  • Kick the rest of the family out and enjoy special time together in your own home.
  • Go shopping.
  • Escape to your bedroom, shut the door and play games.
  • Go out for ice cream.
  • Volunteer together

The list could go on. Sometimes I simply ask the child what they want to do and if it is feasible we do that.

Our time here on Earth is fleeting and our days are not guaranteed. My hope is through these Mommy Dates, I’ve filled their memory with moments that they can treasure forever.

Trading More Kids’ “Stuff” for Christmas Gifts That Make Memories

Christmas is here and with it comes the search for the “perfect Christmas gift”. Often time’s children get inundated with trinkets and toys that pile up and become overwhelming from a parent standpoint. Unique experience Christmas gifts are a great way to alleviate some of this holiday anxiety while at the same time making lasting memories. I know as a parent I would personally be elated if someone did some of these things for my children instead of getting them more “stuff”.

Here are some ideas that I think would be valuable to fill their memory bank instead of the clutter your house!

Experience Gifts:

A Membership to the Children’s Museum and/or Science Museum

We LOVE our local Children’s Museum!

These museums are gems, filled with play-based learning that you can do with your children. They become a great haven for kids to explore and learn with new materials. Get a family pass for them to go any time throughout the year or just a few passes for them to go with you! Set aside the time to go with them and get in on the action as they create projects, do experiments, try out hands-on stations, and have tons of fun! Best of all you are helping foster their love of learning!

A Membership to the Local Zoo, Playgroup Areas, Pools, Arboretums, etc.

Do a little digging for some fun local areas to take kids. Many of these places sell memberships or passes that you can give as Christmas gifts. As a Mom who loves to take the kids on adventures, having memberships to different places can be very helpful. Often pools, zoos, arboretums, nature centers, and playgroup areas have season passes that might not normally be in the budget but if they receive it as a gift they may be able to experience it more often.

My girls loved experiencing the Butterfly House at Beaver Creek with their Mema and Grandma-Great!

In our local area, we have unique places such as Tiny Tots or the Indoor Sports Center, where kids are able to play. These venues are especially nice in the winter or on rainy days! We also have Beaver Creek Reserve which has a lot of fun nature trails and activities, as well as an area for the kids to play. Our local pool also sells summer passes that might be a fun idea, however, living in the midwest this gift wouldn’t be used until summer…or for a winter option, we have a local volleyball complex that turns the sand area into an indoor kids’ beach party! They sell passes for that as well!

Indoor beach parties are perfect for March in WI!

When we were in Dallas, we fell in love with their Arboretum. It had a whole area dedicated to children where they could explore and learn in an outside setting that was similar to a children’s museum. You can bet that if we lived there, we would LOVE a membership!

Each city has its own unique venues for children!

Dig around the area that the children live in and find out what are the great family-friendly places. There might be a whole bunch of hidden gems that you can help them experience. Any of these places would make great Christmas gifts! Parents would be thankful and kids would be reminded of you each time they visit!

Classes for the Children

Swimming lessons were a hit with this little fish!

Cooking classes, dance classes, karate, soccer, piano lessons, painting classes…all of these are fun activities for kids but add up for parents. It is such a blessing when a family member says that these lessons will be their Christmas or birthday gift!

We have a fun place called The Lily Pad lab that offers a variety of different classes geared towards younger children and their parents. As a mom of three, I struggle with providing a class for one and not the other. Taking all of them to class would break the bank! Having the flexibility to do this because it was given to them as a Christmas gift can be such a relief as a parent. You want your children to have experiences, but they must fit in the budget as well! You can feel good that you are helping out the parents and helping give them experiences to make them a well-rounded person.

If someone does give them a class as a gift, we always make it a point of talking to the children each time we go to the lesson how lucky they are that they are able to go because “Grandma Susy” got them these classes. And as an added bonus, if you are able to go with them to the classes that would be even better! Then you are making memories with them!


My oldest spent an evening packing meals for people in need with her Mema.

Taking the children on a date is a great Christmas gift! They will be so excited to have that special one-on-one time with you. It will be something you can be sure they will talk about for days and they will remember for years! Do something they enjoy together whether it is going to dinner and a movie, go bowling, play at the library, checking out a park, or picking out a craft at the craft store to go home and complete together. Giggle, have fun, and let their youthful excitement rub off on you!

What kid wouldn’t like a date to Chuck E. Cheese?

Trampoline Park Pass

Trampoline park Christmas gifts

Winter time and rainy days make for lots of cooped up energy! Give them the gift of time at the Trampoline Park! By the end of it, they will happily have quiet rest time and their parents will be so thankful!

Theater Productions

Get them tickets to see a live theater production! Support the local arts while providing the children with a cultured experience of viewing a live theatrical performance. This year we are giving our girls tickets to go see the Annie at our local theatre, ECCT. They are so excited and so are we!

Tickets to Unique Events

Christmas gifts
Tickets to the Princess Tea for a gift!

Is someone a big music buff? Does another one love princesses? Is one in love with a certain sport? Get tickets to a concert, Disney on Ice, Princess Tea Parties, or a local sports game. Take them to the event and invest in that time together. Not only are you investing time with them but you are also showing them you are in tune with what things they like and care about their interests.

Hotel Stay/Water Park Night

What is more fun than spending the night at a hotel and hitting up their pool!? Rent some movies, pop some popcorn, and swim to your heart’s content! Enjoy the time together. That is more important than any toy that will lose its luster after a few days.

Kids Love Mail:

Millennials are big into things coming to them in the mail. Subscription boxes are in big demand. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love it when something shows up in your mailbox or on your doorstep? They are also a great Christmas gift that keeps on giving for months! It can be something easy for relatives that are farther away or who aren’t as familiar with local venues. Here is my tip since I’m all about making connections and going the extra mile…have them Facetime or Skype when they open the box or get the subscription each month! You can still be a part of the excitement from afar.

Magazine Subscriptions

My grandparents did this for me as a child and I loved it! Now our children get a magazine a month sent to them and it is so fun to watch their excitement when it comes in the mail! Here are some great magazines to look into:

Box Subscriptions

Christmas Gifts

There are so many fun subscription boxes to choose from. My current favorites are The Story Box and the newly launched Little Feminist Book Club for kids. I love books and these provide questions and interactive activities that go with the stories! And while you are at it maybe you want to look at a Date Night In subscription for the adults!

Why These Types of Christmas Gifts?

I recently was at dinner with a good friend whose Aunt was passing away. One thing she said really resonated with me. She said, “She was the Aunt that got down on the floor and played with us and spent time with us.” It was in the little things that she did to foster a relationship by creating experiences together that she honored and remembered at the time of her passing.

At the end of the day, it will not matter how many things you bought them, but what will stand out is that you connected with them!

Experience Gifts for Dad

Because the best memories are made together!

Most Dad’s want nothing more than to spend time with their family on Father’s Day. An experience gift is perfect especially for the Dad who seems to have it all. Check out these fun ideas for unique ways to create special memories that Dad will treasure forever!

Backyard Lawn Game Tournament

Set out all the different lawn games in your yard and have a fun family tournament. Enjoy ladderball, Bag Toss, Yard Yatzee, Jenga, Lawn Darts, or of course our Eau Claire favorite Kubb. (If you don’t have some of these games they would be a great Father’s Day present as well!)

Camp in the Back Yard

Set up a tent and pack a few camping essentials to create the perfect back-yard getaway! Dad will love the simplicity and fun of this easy experience gift! It’s a perfect way to create lasting memories together!


 There are a lot of great local spots to spend the day fishing! Grab your poles and a container of worms and relax with Dad by the water. Catching a fish is just an added bonus to spending the day with Dad.


Everyone pack some snacks and good walking shoes for a fun time exploring nature. Take in the sights and sounds as you explore uncharted territory. We took my husband out the other day and the kids were so excited to find different places where a beaver had chewed! It was like a scavenger hunt trying to find the beaver itself!

Build and Create Together

If the Dad in your life is anything like the guys I know, they love to build and create things! It also gives him a chance to use the new tools you’ve bought him. Find a fun Pinterest project to create and have all the supplies set up to do a family project.  When you are all finished you can proudly display what you created and share the memories every time you see the finished product!

Take a Road Trip

Find a local highway or just a fun nearby town to set out on an adventure with Dad. Let the day just take you in any direction. You will have so much fun just going with whatever comes your way. Just think of all the unique memories you can create together! Plus some of the best conversations seem to happen in car rides! Or see if there is a National Park or Monument not too far from you that you can check out!

Arcade or Fun Zone Afternoon

In our City we have a place called Action City that is every Man’s childhood dream come true playground! I’m sure that there is something similar around your town. Take Dad and the kids to spend the afternoon checking out the new trampoline park, playing laser tag, crashing around on the go-carts, or flying 130 feet up in the air on their new zip-line! There is nothing better than watching Dad play and laugh with the kids. If you can’t find a place like this in your area, create your own and go to a fun playground, bring some squirt guns or Nerf guns and have at it!

Tickets to a Game

Take Dad to go see the Packers or the Brewers play or I guess any other sports team would do as well. Spend the day creating memories together as you take in the sights and sounds of a game. For those Dads who seem to have it all these experience gifts are perfect! (For a less expensive, local option you could always go to a local team game in your town.)

Golf Outing

Golfing together is another great experience gift for Dad. Spend the day on the green zipping around on a golf cart. A few adult beverages, a bucket of balls, and some clubs would make most Dads ecstatic.

Whatever you choose to get or do, make sure that you let the special Dad in your life know he matters and that you notice all the little things he does! And don’t forget to check out our other post for 10 different craft ideas for the kid’s to make Dad.