15 Snow Crafts and Activities for Cold, Snowy Days

Winter days can be long, bone-chilling days with hours that seem to melt away slower than molasses. Little noses press up against the window unable to understand why they can’t go out and play in that white wonderland. So instead why not bring the snow inside to them! I’ve gathered together some fun snow activities and crafts that we have been doing together so that we can enjoy the snow in the warmth of our home.

Snow Table

That amazing water table that I talk about so often is perfect for an indoor snow table. Put down a plastic tablecloth or a few towels and fill your table up with a few shovels of snow. I also pulled out my cup of kid’s tools that I always keep on hand. They were able to shovel and scoop snow for hours! I would advise them having gloves on because their fingers will get cold.

TIP: We keep a shovel right on the deck to easily scoop up the snow any time we need some of our activities!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Every kid wants to build a snowman and I can’t blame them for not understanding why the snow isn’t right or ready. When you bring the snow inside it starts to warm and becomes the perfect consistency for packing. Gather carrots, googly eyes, beads, and anything else that can be used to decorate a snowman.

*BONUS: Try throwing in your Mr. Potatoe Head pieces!

Snow Painting

A cookie sheet, snow, and watercolor paints are all you need for hours of fun! We put towels down and painted and mixed colors together all afternoon. Then we set the trays out and watched what happened as it melted.

Tissue Paper Snow Color Transfer

Cut or tear up smaller pieces of different colored tissue paper. Place a piece of white cardstock on a tray. Have the child arrange the tissue paper on the piece of cardstock. Give them a large bowl of snow and have them cover all of the tissue paper with the snow. Allow the snow to melt. Remove the tissue paper to reveal the colors that have bled through and stained the cardstock. Allow it to dry completely and hang it to admire the beautiful artwork.

You can also do something similar to this with do-a-dots!

Glitter Snowflakes

Cut a square of white paper. Fold it in half from corner to corner to make a triangle. Fold the larger triangle in half again to make a smaller triangle. Imagine the small triangle into thirds. Fold the right third over and then fold the left third over. Cut out off the top of the paper at an angle of in a triangle. Then cut out at different spots on the edges of the paper. Unfold to reveal a beautiful snowflake. Use glitter glue to decorate the snowflake.

Salt Painting Snowflakes

Draw a bunch of simple verticle lines to create a snowflake. Trace over the lines with glue. Sprinkle salt all over the glue. Tap off the excess. Dip a small/medium sized paintbrush into water and then the watercolor. Just touch the snowflake salt and allow the color to seep in and spread.

Fluffy Snow Paint

Snow paint is so fun and easy to make. Stick the bottle of glue into the fridge for a few hours or overnight. Mix equal parts of chilled glue and shaving cream together in a bowl. Add glitter and mix well. That is all that you need to do to have a unique substance to paint with!

Ice Cube Painting

Popsicle sticks and ice cube trays filled with water and food coloring make a unique way to paint. Freeze the colored water in the trays with the popsicle stick stuck in the water. Once it is frozen take the cube out and paint with it.  Please be careful with this craft because food dye does stain.

Make Your Own Snow

Just two ingredients are needed to make your own snow…baking soda and shaving cream. Mix them together to make a consistency that you like. Then have fun playing and creating in your “snow”. After you are done, you know what is my favorite thing to do with baking soda? Add some vinegar of course! This fizzy fun will surely extend the play!

Pretzel Marshmallow Snowflakes

Need a snack to go with your snow theme? How about a big marshmallow with pretzel sticks stuck into it and little mini marshmallows stuck at the end of each stick.

Mix it up and use toothpicks and marshmallows to create unique snowflakes!

Frozen Water Beads

We LOVE water beads! They are something that we use a lot and one bag lasts FOREVER! They start out tiny and expand as they sit in water. Florist use these beads for plants but there are so many great ways to use them with kids! This week we stuck the water beads in the freezer for about an hour. Place the frozen beads into a large plastic tub and let the exploration begin. Roll, scoop, dump and smash with little hammers. As an extension, use a squeeze bottle to squirt warm water on them when you are finished exploring.

Q-tip Snowflakes

Q-tips are a fun and easy way to make your own little snowflakes. The 18-month-old was so proud that she was able to participate in this craft as well. We bent the Q-tip in half a few times causing them to break. Then we squeezed outlines of glue in the shape of a snowflake. In our case, we had leftover gold glitter glue from our other snowflakes above. Then just stick the Q-tips onto the glue.

Paper Snowflake Fight

Grab a big stack of white printer paper and set it in the middle of a large empty area. On the count of three everyone runs to the middle and crinkles the paper up into a ball. Teams can either start stacking the balls or immediately start throwing at each other.

*BONUS: Draw letters or math problems on each one. In order for them to be able to throw it at you, they must say the letter or solve the problem. We did ours with letters and I had my oldest give me the sound of the letter while the younger two just had to name the letter.

Ice Skating Rink


Fill a cookie sheet that has edges with water. Place it outside for a few hours to freeze the water. Bring it in and set out your child’s little figures or cars or anything that they want to use to ice skate.

What do you like to do to keep everyone busy on these super cold, snowy days?

For more great tips on surviving bad weather with kids check out Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. She has some amazing tips and ideas!

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