Ready, set, RIO! Olympic Totschool Party!

The Olympics are here and in our house that means it’s time to celebrate!

Since it was a beautiful day outside one of the first things we did was take our learning outside for some chalk drawing fun! We discussed some of the fun sports and symbols that you may see at the OlympicsIMG_6815!

Olympic symbols:

-flags of different countries

-Olympic torch

-Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals for the top three finishers of each sport

-5 rings (Olympic rings) to represent the 5 world continents: Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, and Australia/Oceania. Rings are composed of the five (six including the white background) colors that were shown on the flags of the countries competing in 1912.

IMG_6817 (1)







Of course all the chalk work made us pretty hungry so, we decided it was time for our first Olympic themed snack of the day!

The Torch:

Ice cream cones filled with Cheetos! The kids had a blast making this snack on their own. Be prepared for orange fingers and faces!








Next up was the color sorting activity. I decided to break out the tongs to help with the fine motor skills. Both my three year old and almost two year old were able to do this activity however, the tongs were a little challenging for the younger one. These cute little cups are actually paint cups from the dollar store. We used puff balls of coordinating colors for them to sort into the correct container.


We celebrated our color sorting activity with a festive Olympic themed drink. We even decided we needed to pull out the “FANCY” glasses!

All you need is life savor gummies and 7-up or sprite!

IMG_6818 (1)





Next up was the marshmallow toss. The girls helped me created
the Olympic rings using color coordinating pipe cleaners. We then put a piece of tape on the floor so they new how far away from the rings they needed to stand. The goal was to try to throw the marshmallows into the rings. Disclaimer: Many marshmallows were consumed in the playing of this game!


I figured by now we needed to off-set all the sugar with a few healthier Olympic dinner options. Okay so pizza might not be much healthier but, the Olympics don’t happen that often right?! The girls helped me create homemade pizza. They love to cook with me. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and out of trouble while I make dinner. They do all my mixing and pouring. Homemade pizza is a great hands-on food for them to help with. They are able to help spread the dough and sprinkle the cheese. Lastly, their job was to help me create the Olympic rings out of pizza toppings.

Our toppings included:IMG_6828

-pepperoni for the red

-green pepper for the green

– pineapple for the yellow

-black olives for the black

And we added another ring of pepperoni since we didn’t have a blue pizza topping that we were big fans of. I have seen some people use Blu cheese.

While the pizza was in the oven we cut up and put the fruit in the coordinating bowls.

-strawberries for the redIMG_6794

-Oreo (okay so not a healthy fruit but…oh well!) for the black

-blueberries for the blue

-pineapple for the yellow

-green grapes for the green


And for dessert…

Sorry this isn’t the best image!

We had a blue jello swimming pool with licorice rope dividers and teddy graham swimmers (technically we had Elsa, Ana, and Olaf swimming in our pool! But hey, you use what you have and make it work!)

And, strawberry cupcakes with frosting and the girls were able to add the Fruit Loop Olympic rings! Yum-yum!


Dinner was served and extra cupcakes delivered to neighbors just in time for us to cuddle up and watch the opening ceremony! Of course the ceremony got to be a bit long for the attention spans of a three year old and two year old so we created our own Olympic torches!

How to make an Olympic torch:IMG_6836


-toilet paper roll


-red, orange, yellow, and pink tissue paper


The girls rolled their toilet paper rolls in the tinfoil. Then they helped me tear the tissue paper into smaller pieces. They would pick a color and we would put a tape ball on the end and stick it to the top of our tinfoil roll.

Since the Olympics will be going on for a while we are hoping to do a few more crafts later in the week. Look for them on instagram @teacher_at_heart_sahm! And of course don’t forget to enjoy a little break while your children watch the movie Rio!

What are some fun things that you will be doing to introduce the Olympics to your little ones?


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