Don’t Waste Your Money on These Baby Registry Items

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When we had our first baby, we took that register gun and went crazy! We thought we needed to have all the sheet sets and every gizmo and gadget out there. After all, every store and magazine will tell you a million must-have baby registry items. Your head will be spinning and dollar signs will be flashing behind your eyes.

So you take a deep breath and think why not register for it right?!

It wasn’t too long after having our second that we realized that there were so many things that we had that we truly didn’t need or really didn’t use! As a first-time mom, I just had no idea! Looking back I really wished I had another mom with me guiding me through the whole registering process. Someone who had been there and done that and could say straight up whether it was truly useful.

Breast Pump:

Hear me out here. Yes, buy a breast pump! It is important so your baby can still have your milk and you can still have a little freedom. I am a big advocate of pumping since I had to exclusively pump for my first born because she was born prematurely. BUT, most insurances now cover a hospital grade breast pump! Seriously, check into it. Don’t put it on your registry, instead, submit your receipt to your insurance company. For more information on how this works please check out Two Boys One Pup’s How to Get a Free Breast Pump post!

Wipes Warmer:

Our first little baby had a warm wipe to wipe her bottom. By the time baby number two got here that thing never made it back out of storage. Sorry babe but that wipe is fine. It’s not going to bother them. And frankly, by baby number two we changed the diaper wherever we were at the time, mainly on the floor in close proximity to the other littles! This leads me to the next item…

Changing Station:

Want to save space in the baby’s room? Get rid of the changing station. Maybe you need it because getting up and down on the floor isn’t as easy for you. I totally understand that but for us, it just never got used. We grabbed a diaper and wipes wherever we were and quickly changed the baby right there on the floor. (I do have secret stashes of diapers and wipes in the living room and in the downstairs living space.)

Crib Comforter Sets and Bumpers:

I know they look so cute and cozy. I know it adds to the theme of the room. I get it. But really, it isn’t safe for the baby to be around blankets and thick bumpers. For the first year of their life, there shouldn’t be anything but a fitted sheet in the crib. Before the baby gets here the crib will look cute all set up with the comforter set and bumpers. Then, you will read all about safe sleeping and your mind will start racing. Next thing you know that blanket and bumper set will find its way to the back of the closet so you can have a little more peace of mind.

Baby Shoes:

Those itty, bitty shoes are SO cute! But I promise you that they will maybe be used once or twice before you decide that it’s more work than it is worth putting them on and off the baby. Not to mention most are stiff and boxy and your baby’s feet are growing like crazy. Give them room to grow and ditch the shoes. Plus, your baby can’t walk yet. Save the money to buy a good pair of shoes for them once they start walking.

Baby Laundry Detergent:

Any “free and clear” brand of laundry detergent will do the same as a detergent labeled for babies. Save yourself the time, energy and money and put their laundry right in with yours. Laundry with a newborn is daunting enough, don’t make it any harder for yourself!

Bottle Sterilizer:

This counter clutter will eventually end up in the back of a cupboard. When you first get a pack of bottles, sterilize them in a big pot of boiling water. After that, the dishwasher will do the trick especially if they have a heated, sanitize rinse cycle. Many pediatricians will even tell you that good old soap and water and a little elbow grease will get the bottles and nipples clean.

Bath Robes:

Take the baby out of the bath, dry it off with a towel, put it in a robe, take the robe off and put it in clothes. Reread that sentence again. I’m all for simplifying life and it seems to me that we are just adding a useless step by putting the baby in a robe only to turn around and take the robe off.

Baby Oil and Baby Powder:

I had some baby oil. I never used it on the babies. I think I finally just put it on my legs after a shower to keep them smooth. As for baby powder, there are a bunch of studies right now about how they can have major health side-effects on babies. The powder goes into the air that the baby is breathing and is said to cause breathing problems.

Orajel and Teething Tablets:

Also, a health hazard. The FDA has issued warnings about a benzocaine that is found in much teething medicine. In most cases, Tylenol and a cold teether or a wet washcloth are the best for keeping the baby as comfortable as possible.

Or you can also check out a natural and safe method here. 

Baby Blankets:

It is so tempting to buy all those cute, super soft blankets. Trust me though, that is one of the go-to presents for people to get for new babies. You will have so many blankets you won’t know what to do with them all.

Baby Food Makers:

Most people have a blender in their house already. Just toss the food that you want to use for the baby in your household blender. It does the same as those fancy baby food makers.

Newborn Clothes and Diapers:

Chances are your baby will be born bigger than most newborn sizes are made for. Newborn sizes generally go to 7.5 lbs for clothes and 10 lbs for diapers. As a precaution, grab a few outfits at that size and opt for a smaller package of newborn diapers. Most likely that will be more than enough to get you by. They grow FAST!

Of course, everyone has their own preferences. If there is something on the list you still want on the baby registry or think is important then go buy it! I just wish I would have known a few of these things beforehand. But I guess the old saying holds true—“You live and you learn!”

Don’t forget to read my husband’s perspective on having a newborn!

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21 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Money on These Baby Registry Items”

  1. Yes to every single one of these, except the baby blankets. My girls are 2 and 4 and we still use all those soft, snuggly blankets to cuddle with, keep in the car for cold days, or wrap baby dolls in. Also pretend picnics and building forts ?

  2. I never bought one baby blanket. I think we received at least 10 as gifts. LOL I say no to the baby wipe warmer too. Totally unnecessary (in my opinion) When you are not at home which is plenty of times you will have to just rough it and use a normal non heated wipe.

  3. I love this post! I just hit the 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy and I’m slowly starting to think about what we’ll be needing to get for the baby. This post was so informative!

  4. This is a good list. I have to disagree with the bullet though because I find it blends better than a regular blender. My only peeve about the bullet is that it only comes with 6 freezer storage options which makes little sense when you’re making large batches of baby food.

  5. One thing to add is a rock n play sleeper. Both of my kids loved it. Best thing we got from the shower. My youngest had acid reflux and it was amazing for keeping him at the right angle. Also great when they get a cold.

  6. I would be careful recommending the insurance pumps. There have been issues with some companies, Medela mainly, that have changed the motors on the insurance pumps versus what they sell in the stores. This makes them less effective and can really impact supply.

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