Memorable Christmas Games

When my first was born, I decided I wanted my family to have more traditions. I thought these traditions were something that made your family unique and gave you lasting memories. One of the first things I started was a Christmas PJ party with my whole family which included PJs of course, lots of delicious food, festive drinks, and my favorite part…CHRISTMAS GAMES!

It is because of these Christmas games, my Christmas memories are filled with laughter and excitement.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love having memories of your grandpa trying to wiggle a cookie down his face while he makes ridiculous faces or of your competitive grandma swinging a string and puffball in her mouth feverishly trying to get it to stick to her vaseline covered nose?

I’m a huge advocate of games and how they build bonds between family members. I even have a whole blog dedicated to over 30 educational family games! So many of my best memories of my family involve playing games together.

In an attempt to liven up your holidays and get everyone off the couch and creating memories, I’m going to share with you some of our all-time favorite Christmas games.

Antler Ring Toss


Currently, at Kohls, they have this adorable game! You blow up the antlers and rings. Tie the antlers to your head and enjoy all the ridiculousness of this awesome game! You can play that the person with the antlers has to stand still or that they are working together as a team and have them move to help you snag the antlers.

Kahoot Christmas Edition

Kahoot is an amazing game to get everyone using their devices in a constructive way. Everyone will get a code to join your game. You can use the ready-made Christmas questions and add your own for a personal touch. We tried to come up with questions in reference to our past Christmases. More technology savvy people took a seat next to those that weren’t as versed in technology. You may want to request people to bring their tablets, i-pads, laptops, etc. so that everyone has access to a device. Then everyone races against the clock to answer the trivia questions fastest. If you have ever been to Buffalo Wild Wings, it is set up very similar to their trivia game.

Jingle Bell Toss

If you have ever been to a college party and played beer pong, then you will be an expert at this game. Set up your red solo cups in a Christmas tree pattern (4,3,2,1…as shown above) and do the same for your opponent a few feet away. Using bells, try to throw them into the cups. When they land in a cup, remove that cup. Continue this pattern until all of the cups have been removed. The first one to get rid of all the cups is the winner. Head over to Playground Parkbench for a clever and easy way to construct this game to use over and over again.

Snowball Fight

Target Dollar Spot has these adorable Santa slingshots that make for the perfect Christmas game. They also have tubes filled with soft “snowballs”. Purchase a few of these and let the games begin! We also used the slingshots to try to catch the snowballs in Santa hats as well for another element to the game.

Snowman Knock Down

Decorate white cups to look like snowmen. Grab ball pit balls to see if you can knock down all the snowmen in a minute.

Toilet Paper Snowmen

Gather a roll of toilet paper, a hat, scarf, and carrot (or any other snowman materials you may have in your house). Each partner pair will need one of each of the items. Agree upon a time (1 or 2 minutes is recommended) and see who can make their partner into the best snowman.

Mitten Mayhem

Give each player a set of gloves and a Hersey kiss. See who can unwrap their chocolate the fastest while wearing their gloves.

Christmas Pictionary with a Twist

I found this twist on the traditional game of Pictionary over at Happy Home Fairy and loved everything about it! Head over to their blog for step-by-step directions.

Red Hot Pinchers

A tray of Red Hots candy (also known as cinnamon imperials)  and tweezers can add a fun element to this race against the clock game. Try to see how many red hots you can pick up and put into a cup before a minute is up. My eighteen month old wanted to join in so we gave her a plastic spoon and she was able to compete as well.

Snowball Shake

Take an empty Kleenex box and tear out the plastic that is in the center. Secure the back of the Kleenex box to a large string. Fill the box with ping-pong balls and tie it around the player’s waist. See how many ping-pong balls they can shake out in a minutes time. Whoever can shake out the most is the winner.

Rudolf Nose Stick

Each player gets a string with a cotton ball hot glued to the end of it and a dab of vaseline on their nose. Without using their hands they must swing the cotton ball up and get it to stick to their nose. The first person to complete the task is the winner. Caution…this can get wild!

Christmas Bingo

Pinterest is filled with fun Christmas bingo games such as this one from The Girl Creative Blog. We used Christmas M&Ms to mark our gameboards but I’ve also seen Christmas Hersey kisses used. The pictures make it a game that gets even the youngest players involved!

Christmas Charades

Put together a bunch of traditional Christmas words on pieces of paper. Have a person draw a word or phrase out of the tin and act it out without talking. The person who guesses is the next person to act.

Naughty Elf Noodle Race

Grab a box of penne noodles and a box of spaghetti noodles. Using only a spaghetti noodle in their mouth, the players must put as many penne noodles on their spaghetti noodle as possible in a minute.

Naughty or Nice

Everyone had a few good laughs from this game. We let the youngest players decide after each player read what they drew if what they said was naughty or nice. We went around a few times and found out who was the naughtiest and who was the nicest! Of course, we had to take a picture of the naughty people and the nice people.

Grab a copy of the printable from The Crafty Blog Stalker or create your own for a little twist. (They put the paper in punch through cups, however, we just put ours in a bag and drew them out for simplicity sake.)

Marshmallow Snowman Stacking

See how many marshmallows everyone can stack in a minute. The person who stacks the most marshmallows on top of each other is the winner.

Snowball Wreath Toss

Take down the wreath on your door and use that for this game. See who can throw the most snowballs (either marshmallows or the Target snowballs from the previous game) through the wreath in a minute.

Christmas Tree Cup Stacking

Race against the clock and your opponent to see who can stack the most cups in a pyramid or Christmas tree shape in a minute.

Reindeer Nose Race

Gather cotton balls, the jingle bells from your other games, and one red puffball into a container on one end of the room. Gather each team on the other side of the room with a plastic spoon and an empty container at their feet. Give them a minute to race back and forth and gather as many “noses” as possible without dropping them.

Cotton Balls = 1 point

Jingle Bells = 2 points

Red Puff Ball = 5 points

Whoever has the most points in a minute is the winner.

Christmas Cookie Face

It is finally time to dig into those delicious Christmas cookies! Each player puts one on their forehead as they tip their heads back. The players must get the cookie to their mouth to eat it using only their facial muscles. Whoever can successfully complete the task first is the winner!

I’m all for simplifying life.

I have a special bin filled with all the materials (minus the perishables of course), costumes, and photo props that we use for our Christmas PJ party. This makes it quick and easy to set up each year.

I challenge you to go create memories this Christmas! And while you are at it, check out these great memory making Christmas gift ideas for kids!


Four years of amazing memories…

and still going strong…

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  1. Wow I bet your house on Christmas Eve is a blast! And I have to say that the picture of the little one wearing the blowup antlers is totally adorable! I want to give her a squeeze!
    🙂 gwingal

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