How to Support a Blogger

How to Support a Blogger

The blogging world is a foreign entity for so many. As a person fully submersed in the ins and outs of it I often forget this. Although this is not my typical type of blog, I find it important to share with you how you can support a blogger. If someone has written something that resonates with you or if you follow along with a blogger who you feel connected to, I want you to know what things you can do to help them be more successful in this challenging, competitive network. You may not even realize that there are very simple things that you can do that makes that blogger do a happy dance!

Sharing is Caring:

I say this in a cheeky, teasing way but in all honesty, sharing means SO much when it comes to supporting a blogger! It spreads the word, gets more people engaged, and drives traffic to the blogger. So how do you go about sharing what they write? There are little icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. on most blogs. If something connects with you hit one of those buttons and it will allow you to post that article on your social media. And feel free to do more than one! Share it on your Facebook and your Twitter and then Pin it to your Pinterest! We will be throwing our hands up in excitement and jubilation.

Why Pin the blog post?

The more people that pin a post, the more it gets suggested to others. It’s a dog-eat-dog numbers game out here on the web. Everything is about the numbers. More pins = more exposure just like more shares/tweets = more engagement.

This shows that my pin has been saved to 218 boards and has had a total engagement of 464 people.
If you look at the little gray bar graph to the right under the pin you can see the number of people each pin has reached.
How can you use Twitter to help?

Twitter is a pretty straightforward way to share. Simply click the heart and then hit the retweet button. The more people that like the post or retweet it, the more chances we have that they will read the blog.

The Messy Instagram Algorithm:

Instagram has been playing a hard numbers game lately. Posts aren’t getting shown on newsfeeds the same way that they were before and everyone is fighting to get likes and followers. It’s complicated. If you know someone that you enjoy seeing their posts, you may have to search for them. You may see that they have posted a few posts and you never saw them in your feed. Like their posts if you see them or if you have time search for them to double check if they have posted recently. Adding a comment by clicking on the speech bubble will also help increase the chances that their post will be shown on more feeds. You could even snap a picture of their Instagram feed and put in on your story encouraging others to check them out!

What about their Facebook page?

First and foremost like the page and follow it! Suggest to other people to do the same thing! I can’t tell you how important it is to have people liking and following your page. Silly I know, but like I said, numbers matter in this internet word.

After you like the blogger’s main page, when we post something, a simple thumbs up (like) on the post is important. Yes, I know it is crazy but even getting more likes on a post drives traffic. Love it, then let us know! Did it make you laugh out loud, then hit the reaction for us?  Want to score major points, add a comment for us. You will make our day.

And once again sharing things that we post is huge! Sharing right on Facebook is easy. Just hit the share button and it will end up on your page. Don’t feel like you have to share everything but, if it is something you connected with or something that the person you care about personally wrote and spent hours poring over as they selected the correct word choice and found the perfect image to portray their feelings…and you share it, it MEANS SO MUCH TO US!

Facebook Breakdown:

Since we are talking so much about numbers, let’s break down the importance of your help on Facebook. To put it into perspective, let’s say that a Like = 1 point, Comment = 7 points, and a Share = 14 points all of which impact engagement and increase our reach!

If you compare the next two posts you can see the difference sharing and comments can make in the impact or reach of a post.
The first post reached 375 people by being liked 84 times, commented 33 times, and shared 2 times. The second post reached 764 people by being liked 71 times, commented 55 times, and shared 6 times.
What it all means…

Basically, it’s a numbers game out here and it’s ruthless. In some ways, it’s petty I know. But those numbers are what support a blogger and push us forward in our blogging careers. And hopefully, you now understand a little better how you can support the people in your life who put their souls out there for all to read.

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  1. Really great and to the point guide.
    I’m going to share it with all my friends now, it would be really nice to get support from more of the people in my circle!
    Thanks for sharing!

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