25 Spook-tacular Halloween Kids’ Activities

Halloween Kids' Activities

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Activities connect adults and children and allow them to build memories as they play and learn together. I’ve compiled our favorite Halloween kids’ activities for you to try out at your house! Or put them all together and hold a smashing good Halloween party for your kids and their friends!

Frightfully Fantastic Fetticini

Halloween Kids' Activities

Boil a box of fettucini noodles and after draining them, rinse them with water. Separate the noodles into two large galloon zip-lock bags. Put a bunch of orange food color dye into one of the bags and green in the other bag. I used neon food coloring to get the lime green color. Add a few Halloween trinkets. I got eyeballs, spider rings, and glow in the dark bats from the Dollar Store to add to my noodles.

Water Adds a New Element…

When the plain noodles lost their luster, I added about an inch of water and a few tools that I keep in a cup.

Walmart has a bunch of small kitchen utensils that work great for this! I also found a pack of plastic ones at the dollar store too. Medicine syringes work great for kids as well! We all know we have a lot of extra medicine syringes in our drawers!

A helpful tip…always put sensory bins on a large reusable plastic tablecloth. It makes for much easier cleanup! This Halloween one I found in the Target Dollar Spot.

Eerie Eyeballs

Water and food coloring in a tub with different sized googly eyes makes for some fun exploring. Work their fine motor skills as they try to scoop or pick up the eyes with a kid’s tweezers. Then extend the activity further by having them sort the eyes by size!

Insects in the Grass

The Dollar Store is one of my go-to places for materials for the kids! I use the shredded, crinkly paper strips that you use in presents for sensory bins all the time. For this bin, use green and brown to look like grass. Add plastic bugs and magnifying glasses for the kids to explore.

Halloween Moon Dough

Moon Dough is exciting for kids to explore in. It’s so soft and fun to touch! You might find yourself as excited to play in it as your child!

You can easily make it by mixing 8 cups flour with 1 cup baby oil. To make it smell good you can also include a packet of Kool-aid.

Another way to make it smell like pumpkin is to use 4 cups flour, 1 cup vegetable oil, and 1 cup pumpkin puree.

We put Halloween cookie cutters, googly eyes, small pumpkins, and Halloween sprinkles in our bin but you can add whatever you want!

For an added challenge for those kids that are a little older, have them draw letters, numbers, or words in the dough with their finger or a large paintbrush.

Pumpkin Washing

After all this messy exploration, it is time to clean up all those pumpkins. My kids love cleaning things in bubbles. I filled their water table with gold glitter, water, scrub brushes, and sponges. We cleaned off the messes on the pumpkins that we had experienced earlier.

Fall is for the Peas

Green split peas are perfect for a fall sensory bin. We added some homemade caterpillars and leaves printed in different sizes. To extend the learning further, have your child sort the leaves by large, medium, and small or have them collect their own leaves in nature! I also put some bugs in our bin which are fun to pick up with little tongs or pincher to strengthen our fine motor muscles!

A Tangle of Spider Webbing

My one-year-old was thrilled with this bin! I got webbing from the Dollar Store and stretched it out. Then I dumped in some Halloween rings and spiders that I also found at the Dollar Store. She enjoyed stretching out the webbing, pulling it around the house, and trying to get the little figures out of the tangle.

As you can see, my oldest had a different plan for this! It then became or mad-scientist wig. We all took turns wearing it and laughing.

Extend the learning further for little ones by having them put the rings on and off of each other’s fingers. Or give them a straw and have them use their fine motor skills to put the rings on the straw.

Playdough Pumpkin Tray

Setting out trays that have the materials all ready for them to explore is my making dinner life-saver! I am able to get so much done while they constructively play and learn. This tray has orange and black playdough, cut brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and Halloween colored beads. Kids can create pumpkin faces any way they would like.

Halloween Cookie Cutters

I keep all of my Halloween cookie cutters together in a tote with all my Halloween decorations. This makes it easy to pull out during the month of October. I set out a large tray and grab playdough in Halloween colors. Using a small rolling pin they roll out the dough and cut out bats, ghosts, cats, and pumpkins.

Life Skill 101-Raking Leaves

The kids absolutely LOVE this activity. Once again the Dollar Store comes to my rescue. Thye have these fake leaves that people must use for decoration and a plastic rake! The kids dump them out and rake them into a pile, they throw them up in the air, they roll in them laughing…it’s overall just a good wholesome time!

Spooky Stamp Scenes

We love creating different scenes with stamps and colors. Often we look through books and try to re-create the pictures. These little stamps were at Target in the dollar area. I keep them all together with my Halloween decorations to pull them out during October.

Spider Web Tangle

My three year old actually put this whole web together by weaving white yarn in and out of the holes of a laundry basket. She pretended she was a spider and had a blast getting it prepped. We threw in some plastic Dollar Store spiders and let the baby try to get them out of the tangled web.

Extend it further by using a clothespin to see if the older ones can pinch the spiders out of the web. This will work on their fine motor skills and strengthen those muscles.

Ice Tray Eye Counting






These cute trays are also at the Dollar Store. I labeled them with numbers along the edge. The kids filled the pumpkins and skeletons with the correct number of googly eyes (or Halloween colored beads) depending on what number was underneath it. Pincher or scoop tools add another element to this idea as well.

Spine-Chilling Slime Comparison


If your kids are anything like mine, they are obsessed with slime. I have our favorite recipes here and a bunch of others here. I know so many blogs have these cute print out that you can print and do with your children but I’m all for simplicity. Grab a piece of paper and make your own quick T-chart to compare how the slimes are similar and different. Help the children explore using their five senses.

Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkins make a great canvas! This is an easy way to decorate your pumpkin and can have every age involved.

Drip Paint Fail Turned Pumpkin Painting

I’m sure you have seen this around the internet. The cute drips of paint that slide down so nicely on the pumpkin. Well, let’s just say that it was a #pinterestfail at our house. The paint squirted out in big globs.

So we made the most of the situation and just used a paintbrush to spread the globs of paint all around. They turned out to be a beautiful, paint swirled pumpkins.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Together we peeled the wrappers off the crayons that were broken in our box. (Peeling wrappers takes patience and works those fine motor skills!) I love incorporatin the kids in as much of the project and prep as possible. Then I hot glued the crayons around the stem of the pumpkin.

**If I were doing this again, I would use smaller crayon pieces since my pumpkin was relatively small.

Together we melted the crayon using the hot air from a blow-dryer. I rotated back and forth from the high setting to the lower setting watching to make sure it wasn’t splattering too much.

I love the way they turned out! And of course my science brain husband had to inform us how some of the crayons had different melting points and that is why a few of them were harder to get to melt.

Melting Ghosts

We did a different version of this with our science experiments. It just so happened that biodegradable packing peanuts came in the mail shortly after posting that. I saved them and we colored ghosts on them as well. Since they are biodegradable, it only takes water to make them “melt” away. I used children’s medicine syringes for the kids to suck up and squirt out the water. The girls played with this for a good hour as the melted ghosts and made up stories!

Brain Jello Smash

The Dollar Store has this cool brain mold. We made jello and after enjoying it a bit we used it for a little sensory time.

We aren’t huge Jello fans at our house so after we ate a bit, I let them have some sensory time!

For the baby, we stripped down to our diaper and decided exploring would be easiest in the bathtub where it would be much easier to clean up!

Check out what other fun Halloween food we had fun with!

Games Galore…

After Halloween, I always check out Target’s clearance section for games and materials that make great Halloween kids’ activities. I found a bunch of this stuff last year! The ring toss game is always a huge hit! You could make your own with cones from the Dollar Store and a little spray paint.

Also, check out your local thrift stores for fun things to do, this puzzle was found at Goodwill.

I keep all the Halloween books together and pull them out for the month! I set up a fun little reading nook with all my favorite books!

Check out some fun crafts and a few of our favorite Halloween books!

Tic-tac-toe is fun! This set I got at Target but you could easily make your own using felt. Or for a simple twist…use paper and stickers.

Lacing cards were also another Target treasure that is great for working our fine motor skills.


Try keeping all your things together in a Halloween bin and collecting materials to add each year. The kids will be excited to dive right in and explore when you pull the tote out!




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  1. great ideas! Always looking for ways to keep my twins occupied 🙂 I’m having some kids over for a pumpkin painting party so these will be great to incorporate into the party!

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