Finding “Me”

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Finding “Me”

Who are you? What do you enjoy? What makes you…you?

I used toIMG_6221 proudly respond that I taught second grade. That I had a classroom of students that were like family to me. Sure it wasn’t always apples on my desk and rosy cheeked students’ eagerly awaiting the knowledge I wanted to share but it was what I had wanted to do since I was little and I absolutely loved it. My classroom was my happy place. It was so much of me and my identity that when we made the decision for me to stay home with our girls it weighed heavily on my heart. Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being home and I’m so fortunate to be able to have that opportunity. I knew it was what was best for our family and I knew that I wanted to be there for all the little moments but there was so much of “me” in teaching.

I’vIMG_6219e been home with my children for almost two years now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to be there to watch them grow, kiss them when they get hurt, tuck them in at nap time, and snuggle them on rainy days. We get to go on playdates and field trips to the library together. I snap pictures and send them to my husband throughout the day so he can keep up with what the kids are doing. The poor guy sees the fun we are having as he sits through meetings, disciplines kids, responds to emails, and all the other tasks that are brought to his office daily. But as Mr. Leezak quotes from the movie Just Married “You never see the hard days in a photo album, but those are the ones that get you from one happy snap shot to the next.” Man, there are some hard days. It sure isn’t easy.

And in so many ways my day gets wrapped up in the assembly line of diapers, snacks, and projects to make sure they are learning everything they need to know that I forget who I am. When you have three kids under the age of four you feel like you haven’t been you, in so many ways, for so long. Heck, it’s a good day if I get a shower and a WARM cup of coffee.

This winter I started doing “totschool” to help with the long winter days. With different themes for the week, I was back to pinteresting in the evening as I looked for fun “lessons” for my children. My laminator got a work out again and I’d sit with my oldest cutting future projects while she practiced cutting next to me! If you end up on my Instagram account you will see many of the adventures we had documented there. I had found a way to blend my two worlds together. And not only that but it has also made the day to day a little easier! Many of the lessons have helped my kids become more independent. They have certain chores around the house that they now know how to complete often while singing the Daniel Tiger “You can be a big helper in your family.” Sometimes they will ask for certain projects and my heart flutters. Other times I will hear my words spoken by my three year old to her little sister and I can’t help but smile. If I reIMG_6216member correctly the newest teacher evaluation scales discuss how you should hear the students using the teacher’s language independently. I needed the structure as much as they did. We all were flourishing. I had found a part of “me” again.


In closing, I guess I am still a teacher…it will always be a part of who I am and what I love.


Questions to ponder or comment on:

How did you transition from being a career person to a stay at home person? How did you keep your identity after children? What things do you do for you?



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4 thoughts on “Finding “Me””

  1. I read “Finding Me”, and I felt that I was reading about ME 23 years ago! I, too, taught for 6 years before quitting my teaching job to stay at home to raise my children. It was the best decision of our lives! I met other stay-at-home moms…and, we formed our own “Play group”. We had a whole new outlet! Our play group included meeting together with our children, but also “Girls night out” with new and wonderful friends where our conversations could center around “us” as fabulous women and not diaper rashes, potty-training, and kid friendly recipes! Looking back, getting out with friends reminded me of how important it was to remember who I was- just a crazy gal who loved to laugh, entertain, and count all of the blessings in my life! I have been back teaching for many years now. In fact, I am going to retire in a few short years. I am blessed! I am so glad that I had stayed home for ten years raising the best kids! My adult children STILL thank me for staying (teaching) at home with them for all of those precious years. I thank God and my amazing husband for allowing me to have been a “stay at home mom”!

  2. I could see how this could be tough! I’m just the opposite; transitioning from being a homemaker for the past two years to going into full-time teaching. It’s definitely going to be a shift. I struggled with finding my purpose when I wasn’t working (we don’t have kids yet), which is the main reason I started to blog, but I’m excited to finally be able to go back to doing what I love most. It has already crossed my mind that it will be hard for me when if do go back to staying at home if we have kids in a few years.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences! It has encouraged me.

    1. Congrats on the new job! The classroom is such an amazing place to be! Either job be it at home or in the classroom is rewarding and challenging. You can do it!

  3. Congratulations on your job… it’s great to know that you have been a homemaker all these years and now taking a full time job ?… All the best for everything ??

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