Experience Gifts for Dad

Because the best memories are made together!

Most Dad’s want nothing more than to spend time with their family on Father’s Day. An experience gift is perfect especially for the Dad who seems to have it all. Check out these fun ideas for unique ways to create special memories that Dad will treasure forever!

Backyard Lawn Game Tournament

Set out all the different lawn games in your yard and have a fun family tournament. Enjoy ladderball, Bag Toss, Yard Yatzee, Jenga, Lawn Darts, or of course our Eau Claire favorite Kubb. (If you don’t have some of these games they would be a great Father’s Day present as well!)

Camp in the Back Yard

Set up a tent and pack a few camping essentials to create the perfect back-yard getaway! Dad will love the simplicity and fun of this easy experience gift! It’s a perfect way to create lasting memories together!


 There are a lot of great local spots to spend the day fishing! Grab your poles and a container of worms and relax with Dad by the water. Catching a fish is just an added bonus to spending the day with Dad.


Everyone pack some snacks and good walking shoes for a fun time exploring nature. Take in the sights and sounds as you explore uncharted territory. We took my husband out the other day and the kids were so excited to find different places where a beaver had chewed! It was like a scavenger hunt trying to find the beaver itself!

Build and Create Together

If the Dad in your life is anything like the guys I know, they love to build and create things! It also gives him a chance to use the new tools you’ve bought him. Find a fun Pinterest project to create and have all the supplies set up to do a family project.  When you are all finished you can proudly display what you created and share the memories every time you see the finished product!

Take a Road Trip

Find a local highway or just a fun nearby town to set out on an adventure with Dad. Let the day just take you in any direction. You will have so much fun just going with whatever comes your way. Just think of all the unique memories you can create together! Plus some of the best conversations seem to happen in car rides! Or see if there is a National Park or Monument not too far from you that you can check out!

Arcade or Fun Zone Afternoon

In our City we have a place called Action City that is every Man’s childhood dream come true playground! I’m sure that there is something similar around your town. Take Dad and the kids to spend the afternoon checking out the new trampoline park, playing laser tag, crashing around on the go-carts, or flying 130 feet up in the air on their new zip-line! There is nothing better than watching Dad play and laugh with the kids. If you can’t find a place like this in your area, create your own and go to a fun playground, bring some squirt guns or Nerf guns and have at it!

Tickets to a Game

Take Dad to go see the Packers or the Brewers play or I guess any other sports team would do as well. Spend the day creating memories together as you take in the sights and sounds of a game. For those Dads who seem to have it all these experience gifts are perfect! (For a less expensive, local option you could always go to a local team game in your town.)

Golf Outing

Golfing together is another great experience gift for Dad. Spend the day on the green zipping around on a golf cart. A few adult beverages, a bucket of balls, and some clubs would make most Dads ecstatic.

Whatever you choose to get or do, make sure that you let the special Dad in your life know he matters and that you notice all the little things he does! And don’t forget to check out our other post for 10 different craft ideas for the kid’s to make Dad.


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    1. Thank you! Dad can be so hard to shop for sometimes and so its nice to have fun ways to just spend time together!

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