A Children’s Museum Birthday Party is the Way to Go!

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Birthday parties-Two words that can send some Moms into panic mode. Between the planning, preparations, cleaning, and the thought of keeping everyone entertained while making sure your house stays in one piece can be a straight out nightmare. Thankfully it doesn’t need to be that way. A birthday party at the Children’s Museum makes for a stress-free, fun event for everyone…including Mom!

Let me do the honors of breaking it down for you…


If you have taken a look at the birthday tab on the blog, you know that I go overboard when it comes to planning birthday parties for the girls. For a few examples check out the Party Animal birthday, Unicorn birthday, or the “One-derful” Woodland Adventure party.

Not this one! This was the easiest party hands down! Game and activities…who needs them when you have a whole museum of hands-on learning for the kids to explore! Even the adults are entertained as they marvel at all the exhibits. Family members who had never been to the museum before were in awe of everything. My grandma just kept saying, “We never had anything like this when I was growing up. I would have been so smart if we had a place like this to play.”


Keep. It. Simple. You are at the museum and the kids want to go PLAY. Who can blame them! They don’t want to sit in the room the whole time. Snacks or pizza is a great, fast option to keep everyone’s bellies full. The museum staff is extremely helpful so if you need a place to store drinks or ice cream until it is the time they will gladly do that for you. Enjoy some cake while your child opens presents and then it is time to just spend the afternoon surrounded by friends and family in a safe, fun environment.


Why decorate when you have a whole colorful museum as your backdrop!

Save your time and money on decorations that will just be thrown out anyway! The museum is a bright, welcoming space with so much to look at. You don’t need anything more. Plus, the museum will have a large “Happy Birthday” backdrop already in place on the main wall of your room. The amazing staff will have yellow tablecloths on all the tables for you and on the counter, you will find orange and blue paper plates, cups, and napkins. That’s right you don’t need to go out and buy those things and remember to bring them along. The museum takes care of it for you!

Minimal Mess:

Do a quick toss of the items you have used, tidy up the room, and be on your way. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! You no longer need to spend hours cleaning your house FOR all the guest and then hours afterward cleaning your house FROM all the guest.

Honors for the Birthday Child:


The museum does unique things that make the birthday child feel special.  One part that the kids especially enjoyed was the parade. An announcement is made and all the children gather. The staff goes through a few basic rules and directions. Each child is given a noise maker and told to be as loud and excited as they can be! The birthday child leads the parade as it goes throughout the museum leading either down to the birthday room or from the room to the exit.

Stuff an animal

Before the child leaves they are able to choose a small animal to stuff in the machine. This animal is theirs to take home as a token of their special day. The Children’s Museum staff is trained in how to interact with children and from a parent and educator’s standpoint, we were so impressed with the staff as they took the time to help the birthday girl with her stuffed animal.


Birthday Party Room rentals at the Children’s Museum will include the room for two hours for $50 for non-members or $25 for members. The birthday child and his/her family get in free. Party guests each cost the museum admission price even if they have a membership. Rooms hold up to 25 people.

What Other Mom’s Love About Birthdays at the Children’s Museum?

“No decorating and not much clean up is needed! The parade is fun and makes the birthday child feel special!”

-Ashley Brott whose son recently celebrated his 5th birthday with friends and family at the museum.

“I really liked two things. The first was the convenience. The second was the wide variety of activities for kids to do during the two hours. We had children ranging from age 2 to 6 at the party. There was something for everyone to do no matter the age. If you asked my daughter, she’ll tell you she likes playing with her friends and the stuff-a-bear that she got at the end!”

-Ashley Kohls whose daughter recently celebrated her 6th birthday at the museum.

For more information or to schedule your party click here! 

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