Calling All You Party Animals-2nd Birthday Bash

Birthdays are full of famimg_9041ily, laughter, and celebration of life! I try to make each birthday unique to that child and fun for everyone! When thinking about planning my middle child’s birthday, I first wanted to do something like “Tea for Two” since she was turning two. After further thought I realized this wild child could not have a dainty tea party! She would be the child that upon seeing a chalk drawing of a lion would sit down next to it and “roar” at the top of her lungs! She is the child that stood at the steps and called out to all the trick or treaters, “PEOPLE, come over here! Come get your candy!!” She needed a party that fit her personality! Hence we decided on a Wild Animal Theme!


Food: essential for a good party.

We had decided party would be from 2-4 so that we could get a nap in before hand. Since it was in the afternoon, most of our food was more snack like.


  1. Hot dogs in the crock pot: Just dump them in and let them sit on low heat for a few hours before hand. No need for water or anything!
  2. Veggies like a lions mane using yellow and orange peppers. 
  3. Cheese and Quakers
  4. Tiger Tails (Cheetos)
  5. Lion Whiskers (Pretzel Sticks)
  6. Popcorn
  7. Zebra Cakes

It is tradition in our family that Mema makes the girls’ cake. This year she created this adorable lion cake!








And for the fun and games:

I set up a photo book with a red and white striped tablecloth as the backdrop (from target). I put out all the animal dress up and fun birthday props for people to take pictures with.


This adorable Lions’ Den was the biggest hit! Just a large box with a hole cut out and then I used packaging paper from the dollar store to add texture to the outside!
My sister and I were in charge of face-painting for all the kids. They could come up to use and request what animal they wanted to look like. Although I think the kids had the most fun when they were able to draw on themselves


A party isn’t complete without a fun, candy filled pinata
I had all the materials prepped and ready for kids and their parents to make cute monkey hats. All the directions were written out as well as an example made for them. Please check out my pinterest under Emery’s 2nd Birthday for the complete directions.
We put a plastic kiddie pool filled with ball pit balls and a small slide.
Spray Away: Who doesn’t love using squirt guns to knock the balls off of the golf tees?!
The kids loved creating their own necklaces that they could snack on throughout the party! They used bakers twine and strung fruit loop, pretzels, and cheerios for a fun treat!
Guessing Booth
Knock Down















And for a few finishing touches…

I had the book If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss out for everyone to sign so E can read her special messages and remember her day!
Everyone went home with a prize bag filled with goldfish!
















I’d call that a sensational second birthday!

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