10 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Father’s Day is just around the corner! That means it is time to start thinking about things that the kids can do to make Dad feel special. Below are 10 super quick and easy things that your little ones can do with your assistance for Dad on Father’s Day.

  1. Hands Down the Best Dad:

    I think the title gives you a clue as to what you need to do. Paint their hands and have them leave handprints on a piece of card stock. Then write the catch phrase or have them write it! Father’s Day is the perfect time to let Dad know he is “Hands Down the Best!”

Two handprints with the saying "Hands Down Best Dad Ever!"

  1. You’re My Superhero:

    While you have that paint out, you can also whip up these cute little superhero prints! Using a sponge and light blue paint, have your child stamp out a sky pattern all over a piece of white card stock. Allow the sky to dry. Then paint their foot and stamp that down on the piece of card stock for the body of the superhero. Use their handprint as the cape. Cut out a circle for the head and a small circle for the hand. Have your child glue those pieces on and draw in the face/hair. There you have it, a Father’s Day superhero portrait!

Footprint body and handprint cape to create a flying superhero with the catch phrase "You are my superhero!"

  1. Following In My Daddy’s Footsteps:

    You may be noticing a pattern; I really like handprints and footprints. Father’s Day is such an important time to let Dad know that the little ones really do look up to him. This is another adorable and easy project to complete for Dad. Stamp his shoe in black paint or have your kids paint the bottom of it with a paintbrush. Then print it on a piece of card stock. After it dries, paint your child’s foot and lay that down on top of Dad’s shoe print. Add the phrase “Following in my Daddy’s Footsteps!” and you are all set!

Shoe print with a child's footprint inside with the saying "Following in my Daddy's Footsteps!"

  1. Self-Portrait:

    Nothing is cuter than seeing what you look like in the eyes of your child, right?! Draw the outline of a head, neck, and shoulders on a piece of white paper. Let your kids create the Father’s Day masterpiece from there!

Child's portrait of what they think their Dad looks like.

  1. Crayon Resistance Painting:

    This is by far my go to project for cards and thank you notes! It is super simple and the kids have fun creating it. That a double win in my book! On a white piece of card stock write out the message you want to appear with a white crayon. Set out the water colors (I’ve linked our favorite water colors) and a cup of water and let the kids create the masterpiece. Make sure that they paint all of the paper so that the message comes out clear! No matter how many times you do this type of project, it never fails that they will get super excited when the message starts to appear!

Water color paint with many colors with the words "Daddy we love you!" showing through in white.

  1. Dad Survey:

    Mother’s Day is during the school year and most of you know that the kids come home with this cute little survey all about you! It’s hilarious to read and melts your heart all in one. But Father’s Day is not during the school year, therefore, most Dad’s do not get the joy of these cute little surveys. So why not do it for them! It’s super easy to type up a page for them to either fill in or answer as you record. Insert their funny antics on the line and sit back and enjoy Dad’s expression as he reads it on Father’s Day.

A filled in "All about Daddy" survey done by a four year old.

  1. Side Walk Chalk Pictures:

    As you might have guessed, we love photographs over here. This is one of my favorite projects for us to do. If you check out my Instagram you will see a few others that we have created for other events! Draw a fun background with a little message to Dad wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. Have the kids lay down on it and get above them to take a cute picture. The large pack of Crayola Sidewalk Chalk is a must for any chalk drawing this summer!


A Moon with kids around it and the saying "We love you to the Moon and back" as a Father's Day picture present!
Okay, so getting all the kids to look at you and have it not be too bright is definitely a challenge when you need to do it during that day because Daddy is home at night! That’s why the next idea may work a little easier, unless you have bigger kids than mine!!
  1. Shadow Picture:

    Write out your message in block letters. Cut out the letters and have your child hold the sign up on a sunny day! Easy right!? And best of all you don’t even have to worry if all the kids are actually looking at the camera!

Shadow of three kids holding a sign that says We (Heart) Daddy!

  1. Photo Gifts:

    I love Shutterfly! We are always working on books, mugs, or printing prints from there. A coffee mug is always a fun way to show Dad every day how much he means to you! Sit down with your children and have them pick the pictures that they think Dad will like the best. Fill it with his favorite treat or a fun pair of socks and you are golden! Or create a special Daddy and Me book as a keepsake. Add special pictures of the kids and Dad! Browse their website for a bunch of unique Father’s Day gift ideas! Put those cute photographs that you had the kids try out from the last two ideas to use on some amazing products on Shutterfly!

Two picture coffee mugs and a photo book about Daddy.

  1. Dad You Rock:

    Father’s Day is the perfect time to tell Dad how much he “Rocks”. Grab a rock and have your child paint it! Once it dries write on it with a sharpie marker!

A hand holding a painted rock that says "You Rock Daddy!"

There you have it, 10 easy projects that you can do with your child for Father’s Day!

Do you have a special project that you like to do for Father’s Day? Feel free to share it below!

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  1. Im such a last minute person…I love that you have put together a cute list so I don’t have to think of Fathers Day crafts. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I love any crafts that have little footprints and handprints!! I save all of them!

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